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Rules & Agreement

Association's Rules for Students

1. The past or present student's conduct and mind-set, both community and personal while in the location, should regard the local lifestyle and enhance the religious environment.

2. Requirements of Perform -Student must maintain an environment inspiring common regard, municipal and good-natured connections and free from all type forms of following and assault, where everyone may share their variations and exchange ideas freely, genuinely and pleasantly. -Use sincere terminology without make use of vulgarity, violent terminology insults, and spoken risks.

3. Incorrect conduct -Student must prevent community shows of love and community bare skin. Celibacy must be kept in during the Yoga exercises course. –learners shouldn’t have, use, or spread alcohol or unlawful or leisurely drugs. -Any music performed in your places to stay should be performed so not to disrupt others. Quiet is to be managed after 10:00 pm and before 09:00 am, without talking or sounds especially in the sleeping areas.  
4. Using tobacco, liquor, non-prescription drugs, eating various meats, seafood, egg, onions and garlic must be avoided during the yoga exercises course.

5. Specific digital cameras or video shooting is prohibited in the location during any type of Sadhana (spiritual practices) time i.e. during Relaxation, Satsang, Meditation, Asana category, classes, and religious traditions, everywhere in temples places and during foods. This assists to sustain a relaxing and secured atmosphere for all.

6. For safety good reasons and to obtain optimum advantages from the experience learners are motivated to sustain the same city location during their stay. The system coordinator should acknowledge in advance all absences from YTTC, especially for night and few days’ adventures. A 'free day' is included into the regular system for touring or shopping outside the location.

7. Work attendance and contribution in planned sessions and all the Satsang are compulsory. If learners anticipate to be missing from any planned occurrence for any reason, a notice should be presented to the system manager. Many absences from planned sessions may result in the student being debarred from the course and requested to leave the course.

9.  Karma Yoga exercise is an important element of the yoga training course. Karma Yoga exercise is essential for every student, every day. Karma Yoga exercise is a realistic strategy to help remove egoistic and self-centered propensities in learners.

10. Temple Rules: The cleanliness of temple areas is must be managed; at least one’s hands face and foot must be cleaned before coming into the place. No needless talks or disturbance in the temple place, which is considered as a place of praise and relaxation for all guests.

11. All transaction charges are the liability of the registrant, in situation of Termination no fee will credited but it’s possible to modify fees in the next course in one year period in situation of urgent situation. So before becoming a member of course make sure that you will handle to be a part of the course.

12. Final verification of the Yoga exercises course will starts before 2-3 of the starting date. If you’re making any journey design before this verification, we would counsel you to be a part of to cancellation insurance as Organization for Yoga exercises and Meditation can’t be accountable to any type of cost received for cancellation of your journey.
As a Course Individual of School Of Yoga India organization, I hereby accept sign up in all actions. I believe complete responsibility for my personalized property and myself and will try to make an authentic effort towards my own self-improvement according to the lessons of Yoga exercises.