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Welcome To AYM Yoga School India
Yoga is one convenient, tremendous and excellent way to achieve healthy yet peaceful life. AYM is one of the best platforms where you can learn the secrets of Yoga. In Hindu culture Yoga is considered as one of the ascetic discipline that has been used for centuries to cultivate mental piece. At Aym Yoga School , we efficiently blend the spirituality with science that contributes in longevity and generate good health. We offer variety of Yoga courses for 200 & 500 hours that you can choose as per your choice and convenience.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training : 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and exciting program for Those students who want to start there yoga journey and career as a yoga Teacher. This is a foundation course for fresher and experienced yoga students. This course include various aspect of Indian traditional yoga such as Hatha yoga, Sivananda Yoga, also known as static kind of yoga and Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga also known as dynamic kind of yoga.
Main Focus : 1. Hatha Yoga.  2. Ashtanga Vinyasa    3.  Pranayama   4.  Meditation   5.  Teaching methodology.
Dates : starting 15th of every month and ends 12th of next month (Duration 4 weeks)

Course fee with food and accommodation 1400 USD single room/ 1250 USD shared room Read More

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course : 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program is an aspiring endeavor of Yoga School India to deliver authentic Yoga teachings to the Yoga aspirants seeking professional guidance for their ambition to spread the awareness of physical health and mental well-being as well as spiritual growth offered by Yoga throughout the world. It is an advance Yoga Teacher Training course to deepen Yogic understanding and skills required to create unique Yoga sequences and build Yoga classes. The course curriculum of 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training program organized by Yoga School India includes multi-style Yoga and Yoga therapy to ensure better competency and skills. Read more

300 Hour Advance TTC Course

(14th July - 22nd August 2015) fully booked

14 September - 22 October 2015 5 seats left

14 November - 22 December 2015 3 seats left

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Why AYM?
We are one of the reputed Yoga school located in beautiful and spiritual city of Rishikesh in India. In contrast to other yoga Teacher training schools our experienced and qualified trainers can efficiently guide you to yoga and its ideologies into your daily lives that will nurture your senses at supra mundane level. Our training sessions are just not limited to provide quality oriented practical physiological training but we also tend to offer best possible training programs at our yoga ashram in Rishikesh India as per participants convenience. Our intellectual background and values has made us one renowned landmark in the world of Yoga Teacher training.

In Vedas, Yoga is depicted as a science of mental discipline, happiness and self culture that offers an exclusive chance to an individual to experience the real yogistic lifestyle and bring forth the noblest attributes.
Apart from our 200 hour, 300 hour and 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh  programs, we offer variety of vacation programs that are specifically designed for those who thrives to achieve inner peace to rejuvenate their physical and mental status.

Our Mission:
Our motto is to establish a common ground free from any religious belief to nurture perennial and positive happiness and mind peace.


500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training : This is an advance level of course for those who already completed 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gives students in-depth skills to teach Yoga and deepen their knowledge. There are two steps to complete 500 hour yoga TTC, first is enrolling yourself for 300 hour yoga TTC after completing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and second is enrolling yourself for complete 500 hour yoga teacher training without doing 200 hour TTC.
Main focus:  Multi-style Ashtanga yoga, Flow yoga, Hatha, vinyasa, Sivananda yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Iyenger Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Pranayama, Meditation Teaching methodology.

Yoga Therapy - yoga for back pain, HBP, constipation, yoga for IBS, heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy, Yoga for headache and migraine, arthritis, asthma, neck pain and more...

Course fee 1800 USD.   Accommodation and Meals:  100 USD / week.   Seats:  25 Apply Now

(15th August - 22nd October 2015) 3 Seats left

Key Features Of Our Yoga Training :Excellence, Experience and Affordability are some of the attributes of AYM that you will find inYoga School In Rishikesh India our entire range of yoga Teacher  training programs. We are a strong follower of our work ethics and human values due to that we enable to provide you best cure without any prejudice whether you are a beginner or advanced learner.some key factors of our teacher training:
Yoga Teachers:In order to learn the best you always prefer to seek the guidance from the best and that is why our training programs are blessed by highly experienced yoga teachers.
Yogi Mahesh Ji with almost 20 years of yoga teaching experience Help students to become a good yoga teacher.
Yogi Yogendra ji is one renowned yoga teacher in Rishikesh. He has a teaching experience of last 30 years in Meditation & pranayam.

Yoga Shala (yoga Hall): Yoga ambience is one essential element of our Yoga hall that we established on the banks of holy river Ganga and entire interior of hall is designed as per classical yoga book (Hatha Yoga Pradipika). In Rishikesh we are known for providing finest and the biggest yoga hall with all basic facilities. Cool breeze of air and plenty of sunlight are two natural yet essential elements that are available in our yoga shala through that one can easily experience the true ideologies of yoga and rejuvenate his or her mind peace.
Even our yoga studio is well equipped with basic yet necessary equipments like boosters, music system, mats, belts, bricks and library.

Yoga Certification: Our entire range of yoga programs is accredited by Yoga Alliance USA hence all the certifications provided to participants are accepted worldwide. Even our yoga teacher training is also recognized by Yoga Alliance USA and International Yoga Federation for 200, 300 and 500 hours programs. After graduating from our institute all certifications are valid in every country through that you can legitimately teach and practice yoga anywhere throughout the world. Our courses primarily covers all the basic aspects of yoga including anatomy & physiology, teaching methodology and alsoyoga philosophy..

Yoga Styles: AYM have expertise in all form of yoga and meditation styles like Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Flow Yoga, Power Yoga and lots more.

Our Location: Perfect Combination of Spiritual Environment and Yoga Ideologies

Cool breeze of air, natural surroundings and adequate amount of sunlight are some of the attributes of our yoga school that is located on the banks of Ganga. We understand the importance of natural ambience during yoga training that is why we chose this location so that we can offer you pleasant, peaceful and natural surroundings far from noise of the city. The motto of choosing River Ganga banks is to maintain a consequent positive energy spots and sands of sages that can effectively assist you to learn and feel the real yoga. Regardless the winter, summer or rainy season we are operational 365 days and you can comfortably join us any season or month without any hassle as we are equipped with all necessary facilities.


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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance

course fee with food and accommodation 1400 USD Single room/ 1250 USD shared room....
15 Feb - 12 Mar.
15 Mar. - 12 Apr.
15 Apr. - 12 May
15 May - 12 Jun.
15 Jun - 12 Jul.
15 Jul - 12 Aug
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
  15 Aug - 12 Sept
15 Sept - 13 Oct.
15 Oct. - 13 Nov.
15 Nov. - 13 Dec.
15 Dec. - 12 Jan (fully booked)
15 Jan - 12 Feb.
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25
No of Seats - 25

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Alliance

course fee with food and accommodation 1630 USD shared/ 1870 USD single course fee with food and accommodation 2800 USD shared/ 3200 USD single
14 Jan – 22 Feb 2015.
14 Mar. - 22 Apr 2015.
14 May. - 22 Jun 2015.
14 Jul - 22 Aug 2015.
14 Sept - 22 Oct.
14 Nov. - 22 Dec.
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
  15 Feb - 22 Apr 2015 ::
15 Apr. - 22 Jan (fully booked)
15 Jun - 22 Aug 2015 ::
15 Aug - 22 Oct 2015 ::
15 Oct - 22 Dec 2015 :
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
No of Seats - 15
Registered Yoga School200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


1. One week course

250 USD + 100 USD for food and accommodation per week

2. Two weeks course

440 USD + 100 USD for food and accommodation per week

3. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

1400 USD with single room / 1250 shared room accommodation and food

4. 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

course fee with food and accommodation 1630 USD shared / 1870 USD single

5. 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

course fee with food and accommodation 2800 USD shared / 3200 USD single
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